Superfood is a natural organic product whose balanced chemical composition fully provides all needs of the human. In view of the high content of useful components - vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polysaccharides, fatty acids, etc., these products received the name "superfood" from English "super food".
They aren't developed in laboratories, and undertake in pure form from the nature.

Superfoods are spoken well by the following:
- superfoods are absolutely natural;
- superfoods possess rich structure;
- superfoods are well acquired;
- superfoods have practically no contraindications;
- superfoods well influence an organism.

Following superfoods are known to mankind:
- White quinoa;
- Red quinoa;
- Black quinoa;
- Chia;
- Amaranth;
- Goji berries;
- Koshuru seaweed;
- Peruvian Maca;
- Cocoa beans;
- Spirulina;
- Acai berries;
- Lucuma.


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